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While we are normally involved with quarterly reporting, tax accounting, business formations, and SCOR registrations, we do have other activities. For example, at the beginning of the year, our focus tends to migrate towards individual tax returns. No, we don't just abandon our corporate clients' needs, but we must extend our work day to accommodate that infamous day - the ides of April . [Obviously, Julius Caeser and his compatriots never encountered our modern version of the Coliseum, where we feed our citizens to the lions... ;-) ] Call us anytime at 703.548.1343 or email us. Are you thinking about starting a business?   There are various legal forms a business can take. There are five basic choices: sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, C corporation, and Limited liability company (which is a company taxed as partnership). We can help you set your company up, provide continuing advice, tax accounting- whatever YOU need. Or, does your company need advise to maintain and orient itself in the marketplace?  We can help you there, too! Ask us how- 703.548.1343 or via email

astre6.gif (791 bytes)Trying to upgrade your computers?  Trying to get them to work?  Need office automation?  Year 2000 issues?  Well, then our computer expertise is just for you.  We speak english, even though we are geeks (really, we do!).  We have extensive experience with Windows (95, 98, and 3.1), Networking (NT 4.0, SBS, and Novell), as well as a myriad of packages.  Our fees are reasonable (o.k., cheap, when you consider the knowledge we have.  So, give us a call at 703-548-1343 (or email) and let us help you get on track!  We work with you in person, telephone, fax, e-mail, overnight courier, or even snail mail- call us at 703.548.1343 [DC metropolitan area] or 800.584.9168 outside the area or direct your e-mail to

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